Seniors have become a large part of the community here at Crown Court Apartments. When we opened as an apartment building at the end of 2012 we began to notice the advantages our building has for the senior community. Our studio bachelor apartments are ideal for independent senior living for many reasons. All our units are studio bachelor apartments which makes them easy to clean and maintain. Rent not only covers housing but also utilities and amenities such as electricity, highspeed wifi internet, air conditioning (heating and cooling), hotwater, security, elevator service, 24/7 monitored fire/sprinkler system and much more.

Here at Crown Court Apartments seniors can live a very safe independent life. We are primarily an apartment building and our tenants get all the privacy that comes with living in an apartment but the building is owned and operated by people with many years experience in the hospitality industry and that experience is carried over in many ways. We have a staffed front desk during business hours with a trained staff member who can help tenants with many different problems and always helps when any problems arise. The tenants get as much privacy and independence as they want but we are here anytime they need some help. We also have a fulltime maintenance staff who work only on this building and know it inside and out and can make repairs same day unlike other apartment buildings who are run from a headquarters and have a maintenance staff that services many different places. The building is locally owned and operated so the owner is onsite during business hours, any problems can be discretely taken to him if needed and he is around to help to ensure problems that arise are taken care of asap.

Our building is protected by a 16 camera security system, newly installed sprinkler/firealarm system with 24 hour monitoring and our building is kept secure by having all exterior doors secured so tenants/guests must either have a key or be let in by someone. We have a buzzer system so our tenants can buzz visitors into the building from their apartment and we have a superintendent who is onsite during off hours for anything tenants may need. The door locks for the apartments are keycard controlled which makes us able to cancel lost keys and issue new ones instantly, we can also create keys for family member visitors at the tenants request free of charge.

If you are in the market for somewhere to live or know of someone who is please feel free to contact us. We are pleased to meet new people and would love the opportunity to show you/them around. Appointments are recommended but you can stop in during business hours and someone should be around to help.